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Want To Add Style and Value to Your Home? Consider Crown Molding

Southern California is currently one of the hottest housing markets in the United States. The generally high price of homes isn’t always great news for those who are not currently homeowners. But it has a number of implications for those who are fortunate enough to own some of the country’s most-valuable real estate in one of its most-picturesque locations.

Crown molding installation can be a big style enhancer and a sure money maker

One consequence of the area’s explosion in real estate prices is that many who were fortunate enough to buy into San Diego real estate in the 1990s have seen their home prices soar in value by six times or more. But even those who have just bought homes in the area may be interested to know another secret that uniquely applies to areas with high median home prices like Southern California: High home prices mean that a whole host of renovations can see huge returns on investment.

It turns out that crown molding installation is one of the cheapest and highest-impact home improvements. While crown molding installation costs usually run from $2,000 to $4,000 for an entire home with professional installation, these crown molding installation costs can turn out to be more than worth the price.

Crown molding can dramatically improve the look of a room, giving it a clear edge over similar homes that lack it. And this is especially true in high-end home markets like that of Southern California where buyers are often not just looking for a roof over their heads but also for built space that can visually dazzle guests and serve as a sort of life statement.

It is difficult to say how much value crown molding alone could add. But in a highly competitive real estate market, where bidding wars often form around in-demand properties, million-dollar homes could easily see tens of thousands of dollars added to their ultimate sale price as a direct result of well-done crown molding.

Crown molding installation tips

While it is possible for those with construction or carpentry experience to install their own crown molding, those looking for in-depth crown molding installation tips would do well to read how-to articles that are written by home-finishing experts. Those who are not experienced with home-renovation tasks may be well advised to hire professionals.

Crown molding installation involves serious carpentry skills, including locating and accurately nailing into studs from unusual angles, cutting compound angles into often-fragile boards as well as holding boards above one’s head while nailing. Painting crown molding also requires extreme caution, as surrounding walls and window frames must be carefully taped off and paint applied in a perfectly even way. Failing to properly execute any of these tasks will result in noticeably subpar work.

However, if you are going to install crown molding yourself, using corner blocks can make things much easier should you not be an expert at cutting angles with a miter saw. These corner blocks often look completely professional and remove the need to pencil in, cut and fit together two pieces of molding at often-difficult angles.

The simple fact is that crown molding is a difficult job even for those who work on homes for a living. And a botched crown molding job will not just fail to add any value to your home; it will likely detract from its current value. At worst, a poorly done job may have to be professionally removed.

Kaminskiy Care and Repair delivers expert crown molding work with an ironclad guarantee

Kaminskiy Care and Repair is one of San Diego’s leading handyman services. We have been helping Southern California homeowners keep their properties in top condition for more than 13 years. And we have a handyman that is ready for any home-repair or home-improvement task.

We are one of the area’s crown molding experts, completing beautiful work that may add a healthy dose of style and tens of thousands of dollars in value to local homes. Furthermore, we guarantee all of our work. All of our fixed-price contract work is guaranteed for a period of two years. And all of our materials are guaranteed to last for at least a year. If our work doesn’t meet these minimum thresholds, we’ll redo it until we get it right, free of charge.  

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