Handyman Service in San Diego For All Your Outdoor Projects

Living in sunny San Diego means we spend a lot of time outside of our homes. We lounge by our pools. We tend and care for our flowers and gardens. We pack our garages with toys that let us revel in the beauty that is Southern California. With all of that outdoor time it’s important that we maintain our curb appeal on our homes. Everyday sun can wreak havoc on our stucco, paint, and patios. Garage doors opening and closing multiple times a day almost guarantees a repair in your future. With all of the fun to be had who wants to spend their free time on house chores? Hiring a local handyman can solve all your problems. 

At Kaminskiy’s Care and Repair we understand the importance of maintaining homes. Our team of skilled contractors are ready and experienced at making exterior and interior home repairs. We are so confident with our services we offer an ironclad service guarantee! Keep your curb appeal and home in best shape while you conquer Iron Mountain. 

Handyman Services to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking to sell your home or make some repairs we are the handyman service for your home’s exterior projects. We can assist you with everything from garage, deck and patio, driveway, and exterior wall repairs and upgrades. 

Keeping Your Garage Functional

Keeping the garage in an attractive, secure condition contributes to the comfort and peace of mind of San Diegans. A well-maintained garage serves as a popular selling point. While some garage repair projects can be done quickly and easily, others may require skills and time.  For example, garage door maintenance frequently involves significant challenges: hanging new garage doors, fixing broken doors and door hardware, replacing garage door springs, repairing broken garage door windows, and removing clutter all prove very time consuming. Not everyone possesses the tools required to perform these projects. Consider asking Kaminskiy Care & Repair to undertake these projects. We’ll help you keep your garage in excellent shape.

Garage Door Installation

Have you been eyeing a new garage door but don’t know how to install a garage door.  Our handymen can help. Our team of experienced garage door installers can handle the whole project for you. We’ll manage the process from start to finish. 

Garage Door Repair Services

Kaminskiy Care & Repair excels in offering useful garage door repair services, too. Frequently, a few minor problems detract significantly from the functionality of automatic overhead garage doors. Ask a handyman to fix a cracked or broken garage door window or replace missing or broken garage door hardware. Investing in our timely garage door repair services offers a great return on investment for most property owners.

Garage Cabinet Installation

Keeping your garage organized and functional is one of the best uses for the space. Adding garage cabinets makes staying cleaned and organized a cinch. Our handyman service can hang garage cabinets for you and even help you decide which cabinets and the places to hang them for maximum efficiency. Before you know it you’ll want to spend more time in your garage. 

Garage Door Weather Stripping Application

Even in this warm region, adding weather stripping to the garage door often helps make a garage more energy-efficient. Consider requesting this time-saving service. We’ll use the weather stripping materials you specify.

Garage Organizer Service

A cluttered garage poses a lot of problems from a functional and possibly a household harmony. Let our team of handymen help you streamline the contents of your garage with organizing services. If you’ve found yourself too busy to spend much time organizing the garage, we think you’ll love the convenience this garage organizer service offers! Ask us to organize a garage workshop or storage area. 

Exhaust Fan Installation

Adding an exhaust fan to your garage is a great project for San Diego homeowners. A lot of homes here house their washers and dryers in the garage. An exhaust fan can help circulate the air while you are doing laundry. Also, circulating heat can help keep your stored possessions safer from environmental damage. Let our handymen install an exhaust fan for your garage. 

Epoxy Garage Floor Installation

Have you been admiring your friends stylish garage floor? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a smooth easy to clean epoxy floor. Well dream no more, our team can make that dream a reality. We’ll create a stylish, level surface in your garage. Call us to learn more about this service. 

Deck And Patio HandymanServices

San Diegans live for the outdoors. Nothing quite says relaxation like enjoying a local brewed IPA or glass of wine while the sun sets with palm tree shadows dancing on your deck.  A lovely deck or a sparkling clean, well cared for patio, provides the perfect spot for casual outdoor entertaining. We understand keeping these locations in showcase condition requires extensive effort! Many things degrade decks and patios. These include dry rot, aging construction, peeling paint, weather damage and heavy wear. Even cleaning patios and decks involves a significant time commitment. Ask Kaminskiy Care & Repair to perform any (or all) of these basic handyman services for you quickly and efficiently, so you can focus your energies on other tasks like a walk in Balboa Park.

Dry Rot Repair Service

Request a handyman to perform dry rot repair on exterior structures. Whether you’d like us to fix rickety steps, replace a damaged section of deck, or replace a gate, our helpful handyman service excels in furnishing dry rot repair services.  

Deck Construction

We also offer the services of skilled deck construction contractors. Perhaps you’d like us to secure a railing around the perimeter of the deck? Would the deck benefit from new stairs? Would you like a deck awning installed? We can create the perfect deck that fits with your taste and style. 

Deck Sealing and Staining

One of the most popular handyman services we offer helps property owners enjoy lovely, well-maintained decks. Request our deck staining services to restore (or change) the color of your home’s deck. Today, many attractive wood stains offer customers a wide array of choices for decorating decks and verandas. Staining your deck regularly also provides protective elements to help keep your deck from needing repairs as often. 

We also perform deck sealing. Applying these protective water-resistant coatings keep your deck from fading, splintering, and distract pests. Taking care of your deck now will increase it’s longevity and enjoyability. Projects like deck sealing and staining can and should be done yearly for the best impact on your investment. 

Deck Repair

Have you delayed completing a deck repair project? Ask us to finish this assignment for you. Our company possesses extensive experience undertaking many different types of deck repair services. For example, we’ll re-secure loose fastenings, replace damaged rails, and fix creaky steps.

Patio Construction and Repair

In addition to deck construction and deck repair services, customers also sometimes ask us to supply skilled patio construction assistance. We have decades of experience in building beautiful patios in San Diego. Whether you are looking for a quant escape or a luxurious patio our team can help you decide what works for your budget. We’ll then apply our craftsmanship to creating your dream patio.  

Do you know, we also offer patio repair services? Call us to discuss your project. We’ll let you know if we can provide useful assistance.

Power Washing Service

Ask us to provide power washing service for your home’s exterior surfaces. When performed correctly, a power washing service returns outdoor concrete features and residential vinyl siding to an attractive, clean condition. Washing the exterior of a home helps remove dirt and other windblown debris which, over time, detracts from the beauty of the premises.

Keeping Your Home’s Exterior Looking Great

A lovely home exterior contributes to the powerful first impression. Curb appeal is critical for home values. If you’ve invested your home in this lovely part of Southern California, it simply makes sound financial sense to request handyman services to help maintain your home’s exterior. Don’t allow air pollution and windblown debris to damage your home’s lovely appearance by leaving grime and water streaks on lovely siding, walks and driveways. Avoid overflowing, clogged rooftop gutters. Hire a local handyman instead. 

Power Washing and Resealing Pavers

Power washing your driveway and pavers is a great way to clean up your curb appeal.  We turn down the pressure washing machine’s settings to ensure jets of water won’t dislodge or damage pavers. Our paver washing service leaves driveway and walkways clean and looking almost new. 

Customers also frequently ask us to reseal pavers for them. By resealing pavers, we help protect exterior surfaces from cracks and chips. This waterproofing process contributes to the beauty of real estate. Resealing pavers helps update and modernize vintage properties!

Driveway and Concrete Crack Repairs

If you notice ugly cracks or blisters forming in concrete steps, sidewalks, or driveways, our handyman company offers a great solution. We repair cracks and damage in concrete. 

Today, obtaining timely driveway repair services sometimes saves local property owners thousands of dollars. Our popular driveway repair service assists customers seeking to maintain driveways in excellent condition.

Plaster, Stucco, Siding and Drywall Repairs

Your home’s siding not only protects the bones of your home, but it is also the first thing guests will notice. Having unsightly cracks, dented siding, and discolored sections can decrease the value of your home. It is important to jump on these projects before rain, wind, and baking sun damages your home. What could have been an easy project can quickly become costly. Hiring a handyman makes projects like this both affordable and quick. 

Fencing And Retaining Wall Services

Residential fences and retaining walls assist property owners in this area in maintaining dry, secure yards. No one welcomes a hole in a fence or a rickety, loose, uneven gate. Provide a safe, enclosed location for children and pets to play. Shelter a hillside home against erosion and loose topsoil with the assistance of strong retaining walls. You can rely upon Kaminskiy Care & Repair to help keep all these outdoor features in a well-repaired condition. We offer a full spectrum of useful specialized fencing and retaining wall services.

Fencing and Gate  Repairs

We’ll help you patch or repaint a damaged fence. This service delights many property owners. Fencing repairs often provide a cost-effective alternative to fence replacement.

One of the most helpful services we offer involves providing expert gate repairs. Ask us to re-hang a loose gate, for example. We work on many different types of gates, including chain link and wooden gates.

Retaining Wall Installation Services

In some limited situations, customers rely on us for retaining wall installation. Inquire about the availability of this service on a case by case basis. We offer assistance installing some garden walls.

Retaining Wall Repairs

Kaminskiy Care & Repair sometimes assists customers seeking knowledgeable retaining wall repairs. We perform a wide array of handyman tasks. Ask us to patch and/or paint decorative garden walls, for example.

Our Guarantee to You

Why should you select Kaminskiy Care & Repair to perform all your San Diego handyman projects? We stand behind our work! We guarantee all our repairs for a full year; if a failure occurs within 12 months of completion, we’ll fix the problem for free!

Schedule a handyman services appointment with us now conveniently. We serve customers across the Greater San Diego Area. Call 858-295-1040 for fast, responsive assistance.