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Tigard, OR Doors & Windows Handyman Repair Services

Handyman repair services are essential for maintaining a home or business property. Window and door repair services are in high demand due to the wear and tear that comes with regular use.

A handyman repair service can provide a range of services, from simple repairs to complete replacements. These services not only improve the appearance of the property but also enhance its energy efficiency and security.

Some of the services offered by handyman services include, but are not limited to:

Hiring a handyman repair service for window and door repairs can save you time and money in the long run. Instead of attempting DIY, property owners can rely on the expertise of a professional handyman to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner.

Additionally, a handyman repair service can identify potential issues before they become major problems, preventing costly repairs down the line.

Tigard, OR Window and Door Repair Services

Doors and windows are crucial components of every home, and their repair or replacement can significantly improve a home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Replacing old windows and doors can enhance energy efficiency and potentially increase a property’s value. Even a small change, such as replacing interior doors, can significantly lift a room’s appearance.

Repairing or replacing windows and doors is a major undertaking that requires expert attention. If you notice any issues, such as sticking, chips in the frame, or drafts, it’s essential to call professionals promptly. Proper installation is crucial to ensure that your Tigard home is sealed inside and out.

Our services go beyond door and window repair. We also offer home repair and improvement services, such as drywall and flooring repair, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and more. No matter how long your home to-do list is, our team has the tools and skills to provide all the services you need.

We offer reliable and high-quality door and window repair and replacement services in Tigard, OR. Our team of experts ensures that your home is sealed inside and out, and they also provide a range of home repair and improvement services.

Door Repair and Installation

Doors are an essential part of any home, providing security, privacy, and insulation. However, due to daily use, they can undergo substantial wear and tear, leading to broken hinges, cracks in the frame, or gaps forming around the frame.

These issues can result in higher energy bills and give pests easy access to your home. Kaminskiy Care and Repair is here to assist with any door repair needs, whether the damage is from termites, leaks, dry rot, or years of use.

Installing a new door frame can be a time-intensive and difficult job, even for experienced homeowners.

Improper installation due to the absence of tools and experience can lead to doors not sealing correctly, letting air enter your home.

If your door carries a historic or older design, you may opt against a complete replacement. In such cases, our team can address any problems with your doors while preserving their distinctive historic appeal.

At Kaminskiy Care and Repair, our team of skilled professionals can handle any door installation project, ensuring proper installation and improving your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Sliding Door Repair in Tigard

Sliding doors offer homeowners multiple functional benefits, such as saving space and providing easy access between interior and exterior spaces. However, when they stop functioning properly, they can become a nuisance. Fortunately, our expert handyman team in Tigard is available to address all your sliding door concerns.

Sliding doors come in a variety of materials and styles, including metal, glass, wood, and vinyl. The handyman team is equipped with the necessary tools to handle any installation and repair needs. They can also take care of any needed trim, blinds, or screens, saving you time and effort.

If your sliding door has dirty tracks, broken rollers, or busted locks, our team can help. Our repair services cover every detail, ensuring a thorough inspection of each component to ensure proper operation. If your door requires a complete replacement, the team is more than capable of managing the process.

Overall, our expert handyman team in Tigard is well-equipped to handle any sliding door repair needs you may have. With our knowledge and skills, you can enjoy the functional benefits of sliding doors without any hassle.

Patio Door Repair and Installation Services

Patio doors are a crucial aspect of any home’s exterior as they provide access and security to the patio area. Broken patio doors can cause a hindrance to accessibility and jeopardize the security of your home. Signs of damage, such as chips in the glass, peeling weather stripping, or frame damage, should not be overlooked.

Our trained experts offer patio door repair and installation services for all types of doors, including glass, wood, metal, and other materials. We ensure a weather tight fit by installing weather stripping and insulation on all exterior entryways, improving energy efficiency. Our handymen take care of any required trim work and caulking to ensure a professional finish.

When it’s time for entryway replacement or repair, trust the local experts to complete the task. We provide top-notch patio door repair and installation services to ensure accessibility, security, and energy efficiency for your home.

Window Repair Services For Your Tigard Home

Windows are a crucial component of any home, providing natural light and ventilation while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. However, over time, windows can become damaged due to various reasons, such as harsh weather, wear and tear, or accidents. When this happens, it is essential to seek the services of a professional window repair handyman to fix the issue promptly.

The local window repair handyman is equipped with the right tools to delicately remove the broken pane and replace it. In addition to fixing the broken glass, the team can inspect the surrounding frame for damage caused by termites, dry rot, or water. Identifying potential issues allows the handyman to fix the frame, ensuring the window continues to operate smoothly and maintains an effective seal.

Modern windows, like casement and awning windows, have moving parts that can get damaged over time due to consistent use or exposure to weather-related wear and tear.

The experts are equipped to handle all aspects of the window, be it a damaged lock, lever, or hinge. Instead of trying to handle this job on your own, it is advisable to let the professionals take care of it. Some windows can be difficult to reach, which puts your safety and health at risk. With an experienced handyman, you can get everything repaired without putting your safety at risk.

Our expert window repair service can handle any cracks, scratches, or damages to your windows effectively. You can rely on the team’s expertise to ensure the job is done correctly.

Repairing or replacing your windows is an easy way to increase your property’s value and curb appeal. When you notice any issues with your windows, it is essential to reach out to the local window repair handyman. We can fix the issue promptly and ensure your windows continue to operate smoothly and maintain an effective seal.

Tigard Screen Repair and Replacement Handyman

Window and door screens are essential for keeping your home free of dirt, bugs, and debris while still allowing fresh air to circulate. Damaged or poorly fitted screens can be frustrating and force you to choose between comfort and cleanliness. Fortunately, most screen repairs are simple and can be handled by an experienced handyman.

Our handyman services can quickly and efficiently repair or replace broken screen frames and install new screen fabric as needed. We can also recommend alternative materials such as pet-proof or solar mesh to better suit your lifestyle.

Attempting to repair or replace screens on your own can be frustrating and time-consuming, so it’s best to trust the job to a professional. Minor repairs, such as patching small holes, can be completed quickly and easily, while more substantial projects like replacing entire frames can be completed within budget. Don’t let damaged screens ruin your enjoyment of fresh, clean air. Contact us today to get your screens repaired or replaced efficiently and affordably.

Your Local Door And Window Handyman In Tigard

Your home improvement projects deserve top-notch execution. A skilled drywall specialist is prepared to tackle any project you have in mind. Be vigilant about any damage, especially water stains, as they can escalate into more serious and costly issues. Depend on Kaminskiy to efficiently diagnose and repair any problems with your property.

Entrusting your most valuable financial asset, your home, to a skilled Tigard handyman is the wisest choice you can make! Opting for an unreliable handyman service could potentially harm your property, resulting in a deteriorated condition compared to its original state.

Count on the experienced professionals at Kaminskiy Care and Repair to take care of all your home’s drywall needs! Allow us to assist you in keeping a home that you can show off with pride.


Whether it’s a minor repair or a major installation, our doors and windows handyman repair services in Tigard, OR, have you covered. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your home is at its best. Don’t let the wear and tear of everyday life diminish the comfort, security, and beauty of your living space. Reach out to our team of experts today and let us help you maintain the integrity and appeal of your home with our professional repair and installation services.

Remember, a well-maintained home not only offers peace of mind but also increases in value over time. Trust your local Tigard handyman to provide you with the services you need to keep your home in prime condition. Contact us now to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how we can assist with your next project. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you.