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Custom Closet Installation in San Diego, CA

Kaminskiy’s Care and Repair is a San Diego local handyman service that specializes in many trades suitable for repairing and remodeling homes to be as perfect as the day it was bought. We work with plumbing, electrical parts, kitchen fixtures, floor tiles, and more. At Care and Repair, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality service and quality craftsmanship. Our two decades of experience prepares us to meet remodeling and repair expectations. 

One of our specialty services is designing and installing custom closets. We maximize the storage available with wall-mounted, off the floor closet systems that are perfect for all spaces. You can store all of your various types of clothing without losing track of where each one goes. Our fully custom closet designs give you the freedom and flexibility of arranging your daily routine to how you see fit. Give us a call so we will better understand your space. We’ll give you the best service we’re known for.

There are varying types of closets and each one is unique to your home. Most master bedrooms come with a walk-in closet. For smaller spaces, there are also reach-in closets to store shoes and varying assortments of clothing. Of course, closets aren’t just for bedrooms. There are also storage closets, food closets a.k.a the pantry, and any other space that requires shelving. Achieve the best organized house with a top-of-the-line custom closet design!

Custom Walk-in Closets In San Diego

Custom Walk In Closet

A high standard of luxury, a walk-in closet stands as an essential room attachment to a bedroom. It has the most storage space out of any closet design and it contributes to a functionality rarely seen in other closet designs. Though every walk-in closet differs in size, the expectation is that it’s large enough for a person to walk around as they figure out what to wear. The beauty of a walk-in closet is that it gives you many design options to choose from. From shelving, seating, and storage space, you can have each wall sectioned according to your needs!  

Custom Reach-in Closet

Reach In Closet Space

Reach-in closets are notably smaller than walk-in closets, but that does not mean they are useless. In fact, reach-in closets are known for their practicality and with a little planning, they are a great addition for your home. Reach-in closets provide ample space for shelves, rods, small baskets, and drawers. The closet system should be designed around the closet door openings for accessibility and ease of use.  Typical mirror or solid sliding doors gives you access to one side of the closet while you look for clothes to wear. To avoid inconveniencing yourself and small annoyances, it’s imperative that you plan your design and how you will utilize its space. Care and Repair will work with your design and ensure that your closet is both functional and achieves your ideal aesthetic. 

Custom Storage Closets For Your San Diego Home

A storage closet is a combination of a reach-in and walk-in closet. This includes food pantries, utility and linen closets, and more. A well-organized and functional closet makes all the difference when you’re searching for your belongings. These closets are usually located in hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, offices, or basements. With adjustable shelves, shelf dividers, storage racks, trays, and baskets, your custom storage closets will help you perfect organization and style.

San Diego Custom Closet Design and Installation 

Kaminskiy Care and Repair are the best expert closet designers in San Diego, California. Furthermore, our affordable closet systems are the perfect solution for any home. Looking for a reputable custom closet contractor can be a daunting task. Though, not to worry as we already have the designer and contractor at our disposal. 

Give us a call at 858-304-7714 so we can provide you with a custom and complimentary design consultation.