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Aging in Place Modification Handyman Serving the Greater San Diego Area

As we get older, we find that our mobility may not be as grand as it once was. Simple tasks such as a shower can become a major chore. For some of us stairs will gradually become more difficult as time goes by and at some point impossible. Sooner or later, your home may start to feel more like an obstacle course. If you are at risk of falling and without help you would be on the floor for several days, it is time to make change. It’s a terrifying experience and unless you make significant changes, you can become seriously injured. There are people who are fortunate enough to have friends, neighbors, or family to check on them, but even that has its limitations. That’s why Kaminskiy Care and Repair recommends transforming your home with aging in place home modifications. 

Aging in place essentially means that instead of going into a senior living facility, you can stay home as you age. That means you are able to live independently, safely, and comfortably within your own house as you get older. This may include things like adding ramps for wheelchair access or alterations to the doors, lighting, and flooring.

The top rooms we recommend adding alterations to are:

  • Master Bathroom
  • Guest Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Dining Room

But you may also wish to implement a universal design to your:

  • Stairway 
  • Garage
  • Laundry room 
  • Great Room
  • Entryway
  • House exterior

San Diego Bathroom Aging in Place Modification

Wheelchair Accessible Home Bathroom

The bathroom is where falls are most common. This means you risk losing balance and falling. Going to the bathroom every day should not be dangerous. When you’re remodeling a bathroom, consider whether it’s better to change your bathtub into a walk-in shower. You may wish to add railings or bars for extra protection as well.

There are also other modifications you may add.  Some are removable and others are built-in permanently. All these options heavily depend on the space you have in your bathroom. Kaminskiy Care and Repair will examine your space and determine what would best meet your needs. 

Kitchen Aging in Place Modification

Wheelchair Accessible Home Kitchen

For the elderly, a standard kitchen becomes one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. You risk slippery flooring, sharp utensils, fires, uncleanliness, and foodborne diseases. Flooring should be your top priority to help mitigate any kitchen injuries. Ice or liquid may land on the floor and without the proper flooring, you risk slipping on hard tile. We recommend non-slip tile because it’s easy to maintain and clean. You can also apply specific floor textures to avoid slips. Also, consider what type of flooring affects your body or moveability if you’ll require a wheelchair. Hard tile is difficult to stand on for long periods of time. Meanwhile, wood, vinyl, or linoleum are softer on the knees and hips. They are also wheelchair and walker- friendly. 

Lighting is also very important. You can prevent eyestrain and knife injuries with the proper lighting. You can apply under cabinet lighting to see your pots and pans or food in the pantry better. We recommend automatic light switches, but we understand that’s not always an option. Rocker light switches provide easy access, and they are much easier on the hands than traditional ones.

There are other aging in place kitchen modifications you may add. 

  • Sink and faucets- Hands free options, easier handle access, scald protection. 
  • Counters- Rounded edges and corners to prevent injury, surfaces that are easy to maintain and clean, wheelchair or walker accessible heights.
  • Cabinets—Easy-to-reach, pull-down shelves, lever styles. 
  • Door handles—Ease of access, D-shape handles, loop handles
  • Thermostat in kitchen—high kitchen temperature may cause heat exhaustion
  • Alert systems—Carbon monoxide detection, fire and smoke detection, or medical alert systems that inform emergency contacts you’re in danger.

Improve the overall function of your kitchen to prevent fatal injury. Kaminskiy Care and Repair will work with you no matter the size of your kitchen. It’s vital that your safety is the top priority during the aging in place modification process. 

Bedroom Aging in Place Modification In San Diego

The bedroom is often the last place to be modified, but we think it is one of the more important rooms to adjust. This is where you spend your time getting ready for the day or preparing for a night’s rest. If you’re bedridden from illness or have mobility limitations from an injury, you will end up spending a large majority of your time here. You must be able to easily access your bedroom. A second-floor bedroom will be difficult to access with a wheelchair or a walker, so you will likely need to install a stair lift that assists you. 

You always want to think ahead and consider the potential dangers inside your room. Your throw rug may seem like a wonderful addition, but it is also a tripping hazard. With limited mobility, you face the danger of falling. Always make sure your walkway is clear of tripping hazards.

Your wardrobes should be fastened to the wall to prevent them from falling. Your closet will need to be refitted to make hard-to-reach places more accessible. We also recommend adding more lighting to make seeing the colors of your clothing easier. Keep your closet clutter-free by adding properly fitted shelving and storage. The last thing you want is clothing falling on you when you’re searching for the perfect outfit. Kaminskiy Care and Repair will help you with all your bedroom needs. We’ll help you choose the proper accessories, flooring, and other bed enhancements and upgrades to make your bedroom experience as simple and secure as possible.

Living Room Aging in Place Modification

The living room should be all about mobility. You often use this space to go from one room to another, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. You will also walk through this room to answer the front door. You must have a clear and hazard-free space to prevent injury or tripping. You need enough room to freely move around with your wheelchair or walker. Consider what is a tripping hazard, such as rugs or your coffee table or side drawer. 

You won’t need to clean out your entire living room but consider the safety of your layout and how it will affect you as you age. Prepare for aging in place modifications before you need them so you’re ready ahead of time. Keep your space clean and ready for various functions you’ll want to do like sleep, hobbies, catching up with friends and family, or watching television. Make easy adjustments with Kaminskiy Care and Repair to age in place without a hassle.

Kaminskiy Care and Repair provides affordable and well-designed modifications for new or existing rooms. Aging doesn’t mean loss of dignity or independence. You’re in control of how you live your life. We’ll implement practical designs for your home so you will live your days in the comfort of your home. Call us now to receive a complimentary consultation!