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Expert Local Plano Texas Handyman Services

For a majority of people, investing in a home stands as the biggest purchase of their lives. In this space, you can foster a loving environment for your family, create treasured moments with those you cherish, and, most importantly, embrace the joys of everyday living. If something breaks, you may not have the necessary knowledge or tools to make the required repairs. Still, broken fixtures will negatively impact your enjoyment of your home. Not attending to these broken fixtures for an extended period of time only makes the damage worse and increases the amount of money needed for repairs. The most effective method to ensure this space operates efficiently is by hiring the expertise of a dependable handyman service.

At Kaminskiy Care and Repair, we prioritize our commitment to providing a wide variety of handyman services for Plano Texas homeowners and ensure we can help everyone who calls. Our team has the skills to manage any project you need, from fence and gate repair to drywall repair. The team at Kaminskiy understands the importance of this space to your family, which means we care for it as if it were our own. Contact your local Plano Handyman today!

Bathroom Repair and Remodeling Services

Bathroom Remodeling and Repair in Plano Texas

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house. They are in consistent use by you, your family, and your guests throughout the day.

Unfortunately, any number of issues can arise in this space, so when you notice clogs, leaks, or other damage in your bathroom, it’s essential to get it fixed quickly.

A clogged plumbing system in your bathroom leads to a backup of water, resulting in foul smells that fill the surrounding air. In addition, there is a chance of completely flooding your entire bathroom. Broken lights in this room make it hard to achieve proper illumination, making your morning routine a lot harder.

Outdated bathrooms may still be functional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t in desperate need of refurbishment. The presence of old and outdated fixtures in your bathroom can make guests feel uncomfortable. How you view this space will also affect your perception of your property. Remodeling this room is the easiest way to refresh your love for your property and provide a comfortable space for your guests.

Regardless of the nature of the work needed in your bathroom, it is best to refrain from undertaking this project by yourself. Due to the presence of intricate electrical and plumbing systems, the bathroom requires specialized knowledge for proper maintenance.  Without a thorough knowledge of these systems, something is bound to go wrong, costing you even more money.

Securing the expertise of a professional handyman, specifically skilled in bathroom repair and remodeling, is the best way to ensure your home repair projects progress without any hiccups. Kaminskiy can help you with any bathroom improvement project you need.

Plano Window And Door Repair and Installation Services

Window and Door Handyman Installation for Plano Texas

Proper function of your doors and windows is critical to everyday life. For one, they ensure the safety of your family.  Broken doors and cracked windows pose a direct risk to the safety of your family.

Doors and windows play a critical role in maintaining the insulation of your home. Broken sealing or loose joints allow air from outside to enter the space.  This means you pay more for AC or heating, as the outside air will warm or cool your home, depending on the time of year. 

You could also find it necessary to replace your doors purely for aesthetic reasons. Having old and decrepit entrances can detract from the overall appeal and impression of the space.

With Kaminskiy Care and Repair’s door and window handymen, you can be confident that all your needs will be met with expertise and proficiency. Allow us to take care of the work for you, whether it’s resealing your windows or replacing every door. Call us today! 

Drywall and Stucco Repair And Installation 

Drywall and Stucco Repair in Plano TX

The purpose of your walls is to achieve a clean and smooth appearance, allowing your attention to be directed toward the beautiful furniture and art throughout your house. When accidents leave a mark, your eyes will constantly catch on the dents, cracks, or stains on your walls.

In addition to diminishing your love for your home, drywall and stucco damage can pose a risk for more significant and severe issues. The presence of chips in the stucco renders your drywall susceptible to damage, while dents in the drywall provide opportunities for termites, mold, and dry rot to invade the internal structures of your walls. The exposure of wooden supports to such conditions makes them extremely susceptible to future damage.

Securing the assistance of a reliable drywall handyman is critical to ensure a satisfactory outcome, as inferior services often struggle to achieve a seamless texture match, leaving evident blemishes where the drywall was fixed. As a result, the attention is further drawn to the damage, intensifying the unwelcoming feel.

You can count on Care and Repair for swift, seamless, and skillful drywall and stucco solutions. Whether you require help with texture-matching, installation of new walls, or dents and cracks, our service can help.

Mold And Water Damage Repair For Plano Texas

Mold and Water Damage Repair Handyman In Plano Texas

Although not the sole culprits for drywall damage, water and mold leave unsightly marks on your walls. Even when the mold or moisture has been cleared out, the damage left behind can’t be left alone.

Dealing with the root cause of water damage does not guarantee the restoration of your walls’ condition, as leftover damage will still remain on your walls. The presence of excess water soaked in leaves them susceptible to mold.  This would mean a considerable expense to keep your family safe and healthy. By opting to replace the affected walls, you can preserve the beauty and functionality and keep your family safe.

One of the most frightening experiences is finding a patch of mold in your home. Although mold is naturally present in every home, it becomes problematic when it grows to a visible size and releases spores. The existence of mold spores can have detrimental impacts on the health of both you and your family.

Allowing mold infestations to persist without intervention will only exacerbate the problem, making it crucial to promptly remove it. Although Kaminskiy does not provide mold remediation services, we excel in restoring surfaces that have suffered damage from mold infestations. Call our office today!

Dry Rot And Termite Repair

Dry Rot and Termite Repair Handyman in Plano TX

Mold isn’t the only type of infestation that can plague your house.  Dry rot and termite infestations have the potential to cause irreversible damage to the wooden structures in your home. These infestations can cause severe harm to the wooden supports and flooring, compromising both the aesthetic appeal and structural soundness. Once the infestations have been eliminated, it is vital to follow up with the replacement of the compromised wood.

Dry rot is a fungal organism that feeds on wood. Although they do not consume the entirety of the wood, what remains is brittle and easily breakable. The functionality of any wood that supports the structure of your home would be compromised.

Termites are also widely recognized for their ability to consume and damage wood surfaces. Killing the infestation will halt its progression into other sections of your home; however, it will not restore the strength of the affected wood. It is important to note that most exterminators do not have the necessary skills to replace the fragile wooden surfaces, meaning your house will be at a higher risk of experiencing structural damage.

Hiring a professional dry rot and termite service is the most effective way to guarantee your home’s structural integrity. Kaminskiy Care and Repair can handle all your dry rot and water damage restoration needs in Plano Texas!

Fence, Gate and Deck Installation and Repair Services in Plano

Plano Fence, Gate and Deck Repair Handyman

Maintaining your fences in excellent condition offers more than just a pleasing accent to landscaping. In addition to marking your property boundaries, fences act as a protective barrier to discourage trespassing and provide noise reduction from adjacent traffic. In addition to their functional benefits, well-maintained fences will add substantial value.

Multiple factors can lead to the wear and tear of fences and gates. No matter how the damage is received, it is preferable to promptly address fixes instead of procrastinating. As time progresses, the damage will worsen.

For all your fence, gate and deck repair needs, Kaminskiy Care and Repair is here to be your reliable and comprehensive solution. Moreover, our team of experts is well-equipped to professionally handle the installation of new fencing and decking. Contact our office today!

Your Local Plano Texas Handyman and Home Repair Service!

When finding a good handyman service, trust is a necessary factor.  Your home is probably your most substantial investment, so it is crucial not to entrust it to just any handyman service. The wrong handyman service may leave your home worse off than when they started. The durability of those repairs is also in question.

We deeply appreciate the significance of trust and recognize the importance of our role in providing reliable services. Because of this, we offer a guarantee for every property we serve. Our guarantee is this: repairs we make that break within the first year of us coming will be fixed at no extra cost to you! We acknowledge that it wouldn’t be right for you to shoulder responsibility for a mistake we made, so let us right our wrong. When you choose our monthly maintenance plans, you benefit from an extended guarantee period of two years as well.

Attempting home repair or improvement without proper training can result in an increased risk of harm to both you and your property. Some projects may seem easy on paper, only to take multiple days or weekends to fix. By hiring the proficiency and specialized tools of a professional handyman service, you can avoid the pitfalls of attempting to solve these issues yourself. Why put yourself at risk when a reliable solution is readily available?

Since 2005, our handymen have helped homeowners like you with their home improvement needs. Our handyman can handle any job, from drywall installation to extensive electrical repair. A single call is all it takes to return your home to normal.