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Window And Door Repair Handyman In Plano, TX

Often overlooked, your doors and windows play a pivotal role in both the functionality and visual appeal of your home. When you replace any of these features, you can expect better energy efficiency and a potential increase in property value. Even a small change, such as upgrading your interior doors, can rejuvenate your living area.

Repairing and replacing your windows and doors is no small feat. When you notice them sticking, chips in the frame, or a draft coming through even when they’re closed, call the experts right away. It’s essential to arrange everything just right to secure your Plano home internally and externally. If you’re in search of new windows and doors or considering a replacement for your existing ones, the skilled handymen at Kaminskiy Care and Repair offer cost-effective services paired with the quality your home deserves.

Plano Door Repair And Installation Handyman

door replacement handyman Plano

Even if you don’t think about them often, doors are vital for your home’s proper functioning. Over their lifetime, they receive a lot of wear and tear, resulting in broken hinges or cracks in the frame. You might observe the threshold starting to break off or notice gaps emerging around the frame. This will cause a rise in your energy bills and attract problems with pests. Whether termites, leaks, dry rot, or years of use are to blame, our team can provide assistance. 

Dealing with a project of this size is a serious endeavor. The installation of a new frame is a task that can be time-intensive and challenging, even for the most experienced homeowners. Without the right tools and experience, accidents during the installation process can negate the improvement of your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Poor work can result in doors not sealing properly, allowing air to permeate the interior of your property.

Sometimes, a door can help lend a certain aesthetic appeal to a property, especially if it is historic or older in nature. In this case, you might not want to completely replace it. Rest assured, our team can address any problems with your doors, so you won’t lose the distinctive historic appeal.

For top-quality door installation services, reach out to Care and Repair. No matter what your door needs, we can complete the project, ensuring you return home to a well-insulated and secure residence. With years of experience in the home improvement industry, you are sure to get the quality service you and your property deserve.

Plano Sliding Door Installation And Repair 

Sliding doors give homeowners a lot of benefits that other doors simply can’t. Creating an efficient flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and conserving space, they facilitate a smooth transition between these areas. However, they become a nuisance if they cease to function. Trust your local expert handyman team for any issues with your sliding doors.

Sliding models are available in different styles and crafted from a variety of different materials. Our handymen possess the right tools to tackle the job, whether your doors are constructed of vinyl, wood, metal, or glass. After we finish the installation, we can also add any necessary trim, blinds, or screens, ensuring you have no extra work to concern yourself with.. 

Should you encounter broken rollers, busted locks, or dirty tracks, we’re here to offer our assistance. Offering top-to-bottom sliding door repair, we meticulously inspect each component of your entryway to ensure optimal functionality. Should your door demand a complete replacement, our team is more than equipped to handle the task!

Patio Door Repair And Installation Services In Plano

patio door repair Plano

The patio is the prime location for unwinding and relaxation, making accessibility to it crucial. Access to this space will be obstructed by a door that sticks or refuses to open. Broken patio doors directly jeopardize security and cause variations in temperature. The most noticeable damage often manifests as chips in the glass, but also be vigilant for frame damage or peeling weather stripping. That’s the reason why we offer patio door repairs and installations as part of our comprehensive services.

Our trained experts are adept at handling any type, whether glass, wood, or metal. We help ensure a weather tight fit by installing weather stripping and insulation on all exterior entryways. This also greatly increases the energy efficiency of your property. Our handymen can provide the finishing touch with any required trim work and caulking for a professional result. Trust your local experts to handle the replacement or repair of your entryways when the time comes.

Plano Window Repair Services For Your Home

Plano window replacement handyman

One of the simplest ways to increase your property’s value and curb appeal is through repairing or replacing your windows. Though crucial to your home’s structure, these features can be highly susceptible to damage. Disrepair and further complications can stem from harsh weather, worn-out frames, or an accident during baseball.

As soon as you detect rotting frames or a crack in the glass, get in touch with the local window repair handyman! We have the right tools to carefully repair or remove the broken pane and replace it with something new. Our team is also capable of examining the surrounding frame for damage, including any caused by water, termites, or dry rot. If we spot any potential issues, we can fix the frame, so your window continues to work smoothly and seals properly.

Over time, moving parts in modern windows, including casement and awning windows, may experience damage Regular use, or even the natural wear and tear of the weather, can lead to pieces breaking or rusting over. Our experts can manage it all, whether the issue is with a damaged hinge, lever, or lock. Entrust this task to the professionals rather than trying to tackle it yourself! Your health and safety may be at risk when dealing with windows that are difficult to reach. With an experienced handyman at your disposal, you can have everything repaired without risking your own safety.

Our professional services can handle any cracks, scratches, or damages to your windows. Trust in our team’s knowledge and tools to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Give us a call today so you can get back to enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home!

Screen Replacement And Repair 

Window and door screens play a crucial role, shielding your home from bugs, leaves, debris, and more, all while allowing fresh air in. When your screens are damaged or don’t fit well, this can force you to decide between enjoying cool breezes or keeping your inside dirt and bug-free.

Thankfully, the majority of screen repairs are uncomplicated, allowing you to swiftly resume enjoying fresh, clean air whenever you want. An experienced professional can promptly address your broken screen frames, offering solutions such as repair or replacement and patching or installing new screen fabric. Our handyman can swap out the old screen for a new one if you need a material that better aligns with your lifestyle, such as pet-proof or solar mesh.


Attempting this project on your own only results in frustration and wasted time. Let your local experts handle this home improvement project. From simple repairs, like patching small holes, to larger projects, like replacing the entire frame, our pros can tackle the job efficiently and on budget.

Your Expert Local Window And Door Services In Plano

Damaged windows or doors pose more of a problem than just visual concerns. The outcome of this damage is higher energy bills and an enduring issue with pests. Should you detect damage or desire to replace your entryways, rely on your local Plano handyman team to take care of the job. From broken screens to rotting frames or chipped glass, Kaminskiy Care and Repair can handle every aspect of window and door replacement, repair, and installation with minimal hassle.

Since 2005, our skilled team has been dedicated to assisting local homeowners in maintaining the visual appeal of their properties with our expert handyman services. Whether you’re looking at a straightforward screen repair or contemplating a full door replacement, our experts have the necessary tools and knowledge to get the job done. Turn to Kaminskiy Care and Repair for all your home improvement project needs.