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Custom Cabinet Installation in San Diego

Custom cabinetry has the benefit of being both stylish and functional. Though, when you only have one or the other, you lose out on what makes it so great. You want custom cabinets in San Diego that define your life and organize your home in ways that you’re proud of. You can stick with cookie cutter cabinets that come with a home or you can choose custom cabinetry that fits YOU and YOUR lifestyle. Don’t settle for premade spaces that do nothing for you. Stylize your home to one that is unique and meets all of your needs! Kaminskiy Care and Repair has over 15 years of experience carefully selecting and installing cabinets for all types of homes! We measure out your space and professionally install your customized cabinets securely. 

Investing in new cabinetry for your house is a big project, but the pros will always outweigh the cons. Your housing value will increase because of the added value from the brand-new cabinets! You’ll receive more storage space and modernize your outdated cabinets. Consider the new cabinetry as an investment to the future of your home.

Types of Cabinets 

Not sure where to start? There are many different cabinet types to choose from. How do you know which is perfect for your space? Care and Repair has installed hundreds of cabinets. We’ll happily guide you in the right direction and make sure you have the right choice for your kitchen, living room, and other spaces!

Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Handy Man

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Inside the kitchen is where you are cooking, cleaning, and throwing parties with family and friends. Your cabinets need to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Consider looking at cabinets made from hickory or maple wood. They are hardwood, which means they will resist any dents or scrapes unlike their softwood counterparts, like walnut or mahogany. You want wood that is durable. Hardwood is more expensive because of its resilient nature, but you are less likely to have to replace it. Another common cabinet material is plywood which is essentially a laminated and glued wood covered with a veneer. It has the appearance of a hardwood cabinet, but the inside is actually made from less expensive wood. 

You can also look into stainless steel, glass, or aluminum cabinets for a more modern aesthetic. They are all durable materials and aside from glass, will resist potential scrapes and cracking. Glass, on the other hand, would be more ideal for showing off your fine china or other expensive dinnerware. You are not limited to your cabinet decisions and there are many to choose from! 

Think of these three things when you are shopping for kitchen cabinets: 

  1. The durability
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your kitchen’s theme—color, accessories, décor

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing cheap materials that are prone to taking in moisture and lowering your home’s overall  value. It’s a worthy investment to purchase quality cabinets that will last you a long time. 

Bathroom Cabinets in San Diego

San Diego Bathroom Cabinet Installer

Bathroom cabinets have the most influence on the overall look. You will need to decide on the location, function, and type of cabinet you want. Most of the time, the cabinets are the only storage space available so choose a style that blends functionality, aesthetic, and practicality. 

Inside the bathroom will normally be the following:

  • Medicine cabinet
  • Towel cabinet
  • Vanity cabinet
  • Bathroom wall cabinets

As you go along, you may find you’ll need shelves or other organizers to make your bathroom organized and stylish. Unlike the kitchen, the bathroom is made to enhance your privacy and is personal to how you live in your house. 

When you create your custom cabinets in San Diego, you must consider the steam coming from the shower and sink. There is a large amount of moisture that comes from hot water that will cause the wood to deteriorate and warp. It’s imperative that you choose a material that can withstand that moisture and its everyday wear and tear. 

You may choose between hardwood, plywood, particle board, or MDF wood. Each wood has its pros and cons. Particle board and MDF Wood, for example, may be cheaper than other materials. However, they are highly porous and swell when it takes in moisture. You will want to choose a hardier material like high-end plywood. Hardwood may seem like a great choice for a bathroom cabinet, but due to its nature, it will take in moisture. Its durability will last longer than particle board and MDF Wood, but it will continually expand and shrink until it cracks. As long as you take care of your humidity levels, solid hardwood is still a great choice for a cabinet. plywood, on the other hand, doesn’t take in moisture or move due to temperature changes. It’s the best choice material for a cabinet because it’s more durable and the paint lasts longer.

As you go along, you may find you’ll need shelves or other organizers to make your bathroom organized and stylish. Unlike the kitchen, the bathroom is made to enhance your privacy and is personal to how you live in your house. 

Living Room 

Living Room Cabinet Installation San Diego

Living room cabinets are often used to feature special heirlooms or cherished items. You may even use them for storing your blankets during the winter or holding entertainment systems. You can let out your creativity in the living room because you don’t have to worry as much about moisture. The living room is the place of fun. It’s where people go to watch movies or surround themselves in comfort on a rainy day. The living room gives an inside look of your personal life that you want to show to your close friends and family. The cabinets are an integral part of your living room for aesthetic purposes and functionality.

For this room, we recommend solid hardwood or softwood such as maple, walnut or mahogany. Get creative! Your cabinets should be used and placed wherever and however you see fit. Typically, with solid wood, you simply stain and oil it for shine. There are different types of wood you can paint on such as MDF, but they aren’t as durable as plywood or solid wood. Despite the lack of hazards in your living space, it’s important to choose your cabinets very carefully. If you’re unsure of the size 

Contact A Cabinet Installer Today

Kaminskiy Care and Repair is dedicated to providing the best cabinet installation service in the San Diego area. Without a doubt, we can give you the service you’re looking for. You deserve a properly organized space. Our decades of experience allow for an accurate analysis of your space. Call us now for our cabinet installation service!  We will ensure you’re satisfied!