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Englewood, CO Local Residential Handyman Services

Buying a home is a significant financial decision for many people. It’s a space where you can build a life with your family, create beautiful memories with loved ones, and simply enjoy living.

When faced with broken items, it is often challenging to find the time or possess the necessary skills to fix them promptly. Living in a space with dysfunctional fixtures is far from ideal. Additionally, leaving these broken fixtures unattended for a prolonged period can result in further deterioration.

Opting for a handyman service is the optimal solution to ensure that your property maintains its functionality while minimizing any associated stress.

At Kaminskiy Care and Repair, what sets us apart is our promise to deliver an extensive selection of home improvement and repair services to residents in Englewood Our team is equipped to manage a wide range of tasks, whether it’s fixing electrical fixtures in your bathroom or fitting and sealing new doors.

At Kaminskiy, we understand the importance of your home to you and your loved ones, which is why we handle every project with the utmost care and attention. Contact us today for prompt same-day service!

Englewood, CO Local Handyman Services

Your property will be affected by time and weather, regardless of your location. Even the strongest homes will deteriorate over time. As houses age, the performance of your electrical and plumbing systems may decrease.

It can be challenging to stay on top of your to-do list for projects when new issues keep popping up. Make sure to act quickly to keep your home safe.

Hiring a local handyman service is crucial to ensure that repairs are carried out effectively. Kaminskiy is well-equipped to handle upgrades, installations, and general maintenance tasks to meet your requirements. While the idea of cutting costs may be attractive, it is important to acknowledge the potential dangers of attempting repairs without the proper expertise or equipment.

If you lack the right skills and tools, you might end up causing more harm to your property or even risking injury. It’s not worth the risk just to save some money. Let our expert local team take care of your punch list for you!

Act now to protect your home from becoming unsafe. For quality repairs, consider hiring a handyman service in your area. Kaminskiy is skilled in upgrades, installations, and maintenance to fulfill your requirements. Although saving money is appealing, be cautious of the risks involved in DIY repairs without the necessary skills or tools.

Entrust your to-do list to our capable local professionals who will ensure every task is completed to your satisfaction!

Englewood, CO Bathroom Remodeling and Repair Handyman

Englewood, CO Bathroom Remodeling and Repair Handyman

Your bathroom is undoubtedly one of the busiest rooms in your home. With you, your family, and your guests relying on it throughout the day, it’s crucial to ensure its proper maintenance. Taking immediate action to fix clogs, leaks, or any other damage is vital, as these issues can quickly escalate and become more difficult to repair.

When the plumbing in your bathroom gets clogged, it can cause water backup and give rise to unpleasant odors. Furthermore, there’s a risk of your entire bathroom getting flooded. Similarly, broken lights in the bathroom pose a safety hazard as they leave the room without proper illumination for anyone using it.

Outdated bathrooms can still work, but updating them is key to improving efficiency. Don’t let old fixtures ruin the experience for guests in your bathroom oasis.

The way you see this area can impact how you feel about your home. Making changes to the design can give you a new perspective and make your visitors feel more at ease.

It is highly advisable to avoid attempting any bathroom work on your own, regardless of its nature. The bathroom comprises intricate electrical and plumbing systems. Without a comprehensive understanding of these systems, accidents are bound to happen, leading to additional expenses for you.

By engaging the expertise of a skilled handyman who specializes in bathroom repair and remodeling, you can ensure that your repair projects are carried out flawlessly. Contact Kaminskiy today to avail their professional services.

Kitchen Remodels, Renovations And Repairs

Kitchen Remodels, Renovations And Repairs in Englewood, CO

In every household, the kitchen holds a special place. It’s where memories are made during family get-togethers and delightful dinner parties. Beyond its practicality for cooking and baking, it creates a warm and welcoming environment that brings loved ones closer together.

Sadly, the wear and tear that comes with time and frequent use can lead to damage in any kitchen. Outmoded fixtures, malfunctioning cabinets, and inadequate plumbing can significantly hinder its efficiency, creating a dated ambiance within the room.

Even in new kitchens, issues with features can arise. Although plumbing problems might seem small, they can lead to water damage and impact how well your kitchen functions.

Lighting plays a crucial role in any kitchen renovation project. Let skilled professionals guide you in selecting the best light fixtures to enhance the atmosphere and provide adequate illumination where it’s needed most. Their attention to detail will ensure that every part of your kitchen remodel aligns with your vision.

Understanding the importance of a kitchen that works well, Kaminskiy Care and Repair specializes in remodeling and repairs to help you create your dream kitchen. Let our experienced team guide you through the process, so you can avoid the DIY route. Rely on the professionals instead! No matter if it’s a small fix or a full kitchen renovation, we’re here to help.

Englewood, CO Window And Door Services

Englewood, CO Window And Door Services

Windows and doors are essential for ensuring the comfort and security of your home. Although we may not give them much thought, they play a crucial role in maintaining energy efficiency and keeping your home safe.

The insulation of your home relies heavily on the condition of your doors and windows. If there are broken seals or gaps, outside air can penetrate, resulting in higher air conditioning or heating costs due to the impact on indoor air quality. Moreover, you could opt to change your doors just to enhance the visual appeal. Deteriorated and shabby entryways can take away from the overall charm and perception of the area.

Our team of door and window handymen at Kaminskiy is here to help you with all your specific needs. Let us handle the work for you, whether it’s resealing your windows or replacing any door. Give our office a call today!

Englewood, CO Drywall And Stucco Repair

Englewood, CO Drywall And Stucco Repair

The aim is for your walls to exude a sense of cleanliness and smoothness, enabling the eye to be captivated by the stunning furniture and art that embellish the room. However, any stains, cracks, or dents on the drywall will inevitably shift the focus to the imperfections.

Damage to drywall and stucco not only hinders livability but also increases the risk of more severe issues. Dents in the drywall create opportunities for termites, mold, and dry rot to penetrate the inner walls, while cracks in the stucco make the drywall more vulnerable. The exposed wooden supports are at a high risk of termite infestations.

It’s important to hire a capable drywall expert to guarantee a proper restoration. Inferior services often have difficulty achieving an accurate texture match, leading to unattractive scars on your wall. This can draw more attention to the damage, creating a less inviting environment.

When you opt for our services, you can expect timely, seamless, and expert drywall and stucco solutions. Whether you need assistance with texture-matching, the installation of new walls, or repairing dents and cracks, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service.

Englewood, CO Mold And Water Damage Repair Handyman

Englewood, CO Mold And Water Damage Repair Handyman

Although drywall damage can be caused by various factors, water, and mold are often responsible for leaving stubborn marks on your walls. It is important to address the resulting damage, even after eliminating the mold or moisture, instead of neglecting it.

After resolving the root problem of water damage, you may observe significant discoloration and stubborn marks on your walls. The excess water saturation can make them prone to mold growth.

If this growth happens, it would be necessary to make a significant investment to solve the problem. Nevertheless, opting to replace the affected walls will allow you to maintain the beauty and practicality of your surroundings, ultimately guaranteeing the safety of your loved ones.

Discovering a patch of mold in your house can be quite alarming. Mold is a natural occurrence in any setting, but it can become a concern once it spreads and starts releasing spores.

Mold spores can pose a serious threat to the health of both you and your family. It’s essential to take immediate action and remove mold infestations to avoid further complications. Although mold remediation services are not provided by Care and Repair, we are here to help fix any surfaces that have been damaged by this infestation.

Termite And Dry Rot Repair In Englewood, CO

Termite And Dry Rot Repair In Englewood, CO

It is crucial to acknowledge that mold is not the sole type of infestation that can pose a threat to your house. The existence of dry rot and termite infestations can cause significant harm to wooden structures.

When wooden supports and flooring are infested, it can cause damage to both the appearance and stability of a structure. After getting rid of the pests, it’s important to replace any damaged wood.

Dry rot, a fungal organism, thrives by consuming wood. Even though it doesn’t devour the entire wood, the remaining material becomes fragile and easily breakable. Consequently, the wood responsible for supporting your home’s structure loses its functionality.


Termites are notorious for consuming wood surfaces, a common trait of these pests. Eliminating the infestation may stop it from spreading, but it won’t repair the damaged wood.

The majority of pest exterminators are not equipped to handle the replacement of fragile wooden surfaces, leaving your house vulnerable to structural damage.

Contact our skilled professionals today for the best dry rot and termite repair service to protect your home’s structure.

Fence, Gate, And Deck Repair Services In Englewood, CO

Fence, Gate, And Deck Repair Services In Englewood

A beautiful and fully operational fence does more than just enhance your landscaping. Fences not only mark your property boundaries, but they also provide security against trespassers and reduce noise from nearby traffic. Well-maintained fences can also significantly increase the value of your property.

Prompt repairs are extremely important when it comes to fences and gates, as multiple factors can lead to their deterioration. The harsh weather conditions and the natural aging process can both play a significant role. It is crucial to promptly address any damages, as delaying the repairs will only worsen the situation over time.

At Kaminskiy, we are fully prepared to meet all your unique fence and gate requirements. Our team of experts is highly skilled in installing new fencing as well. Feel free to reach out to us today and let us assist you!

Englewood, CO Monthly Maintenance Plans

Keeping up with maintenance on older properties is essential. Kaminskiy offers a great monthly maintenance plan for homeowners who want to keep their property looking beautiful.

Our team of skilled handymen is here to offer you peace of mind with our monthly maintenance plans. They will visit your home and handle all the necessary general maintenance tasks for you.

When you invest in this plan, our team will conduct a monthly property inspection, promptly addressing any identified damage through repairs, and providing you with a thorough report outlining our actions. This plan also includes benefits that a one-time service wouldn’t be able to offer. Contact us today to see if this plan meets your requirements!

Your Residential Handyman Contractor

Our utmost priority is to deliver exceptional home improvements or repairs. We firmly advise against attempting such tasks without proper training, as it can lead to heightened stress, increased frustration, and potential harm to both you and your property.

There are instances where specific projects may unexpectedly require a significant amount of time, spanning across multiple days or even weekends, to be fully resolved.

Instead of taking the risk of dealing with home problems independently and potentially encountering complications, it is wise to rely on the expertise of a professional handyman service like Kaminskiy Care and Repair!

For over 15 years, we have been aiding homeowners just like you. The experienced handymen at Kaminskiy are equipped to handle any job, whether it’s putting in a new gate or addressing water damage in your home. All it takes is one call to get your home back to its usual state.